“Rob Altman was one of my Commanders in the Army. Rob is an inspirational—and driven leader—he demonstrates the character and skill set that every organization wants. He always seeks self-improvement, listens to his team—especially those that see outcomes differently—to find common goals and achieve success. Rob puts others before himself; he is a servant leader. He has the mental agility to improve any group, company, or organization. Rob is someone I want on my team anywhere, in any situation.”

Logan Fuller,

Aerospace Leader, Retired Senior Army NCO and Combat Veteran

“I am a Frisco resident, Patriot, and US Army Veteran. Rob was introduced to me as he was leaving active federal service and moving to Frisco. 2 US Army Generals who knew both Rob and I reached out to let me know this very accomplished soldier was coming to North Texas. I am grateful these 2 senior leaders connected us. Since his arrival in Frisco, Rob has demonstrated himself to be a servant leader, a patriot, an engaged citizen. He has served our city, our veteran community, and he has been a friend to many in North Texas. Rob puts actions behind his ideas. He actively practices #PositivePatrioticAction. He is a thinker, a leader and a citizen that creates outcomes that benefit our community. ”

JP Hogan Colonel,

U.S. Army (Retired) Co-Founder/Visionary at How2Lead.US